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Bankruptcy attorneys

Many people feel nervous when they think about filing bankruptcy.  It is a complicated process and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our attorneys are available to help discuss all of your options.  Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Gabriel Gonzalez, Esq. 

Mr. Gonzalez is a member of the Florida Bar in good standing.  He is also licensed to practice in the Federal Court in the Southern & Middle Districts of Florida.
Mr. Gonzalez earned his Law Degree from the University of Miami School of Law.  He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2007 and has being practicing primarily as a bankruptcy attorney since 2009.
Mr. Gonzalez is committed to helping hardworking everyday people obtain relief from financial struggle.  A large part of Mr. Gonzalez's practice includes guiding his clients through the process of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy where he has successfully modified and sometimes eliminated mortgages on his clients' properties.


David Tybor, Esq.

Mr. Tybor is an attorney licensed to practice in the states of Florida, New York, Illinois, and Washington D.C.  Mr. Tybor graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Thomas University Law School of Miami and was the recipient of numerous academic awards.
Mr. Tybor has helped hundreds of clients who were burdened with debt and  to get a fresh start and move on with their lives, careers, and businesses.
As a father and grandfather, Mr. Tybor personally understands the financial stress and strain that modern families undergo at different stages of their lives.  His goal is to eliminate the fear of financial challenges and to promote a new way forward.